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Test Your Knowledge


Test Your Knowledge

I invite you to test your knowledge, as I've done my best to try get you to think about all the scenarios you may encounter while buying or selling your home.

Simply answer each of the questions below, and click the "Tell me how I did" button at the bottom. The answers page will then post your answer next to the correct answer, along with an explanation of why the answer is what it is. Good luck, and enjoy the quiz!

Question #1:
When house prices go down 10% but the interest rate increases from 5% to 6.5%, for a new house I will pay:


The Same
Question #2:
How long is the average house in Silicon Valley on the market before it sells?
90 days
110 days
140 days

Question #3:
You are currently paying $1600 in rent. How much house can you afford?

A $380,000 house with 20% down
A $480,000 house with 20% down
A $580,000 house with 20% down
Question #4:
Is it better to purchase a car first and then a house, or vice versa?

Car then house
House then car